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Cigar quote of the Week:

“A good cigar, a good meal, a good cigar and a good woman – or a bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle.”

– George Burns

Cigar term of the week:

Libra de pie: – Also called the “sand foot,” this is the first leaf to develop on young tobacco plants.  These leaves are not used in the creation of premium cigars and are most often removed and discarded.

New!  Tobacconist’s Tip:  A Quick Fix for High Humidity

As the seasons change so can the humidity in your prized humidors.  If you find the relative humidity in your humidor creeping up beyond where you would prefer it to be, here’s a quick, effective solution!
Read the new Tobacconist’s Tip here…. Premium Cigar Sampler of the Month – September, 2013

Every month features our favorite premium cigar sampler from Mike’s Cigars of Miami.  This month’s selection, the Best of 2013 Cigar Sampler, is a winner through and through.  The Best of 2013 Cigar Sampler includes cigars such as the Flor de las Antiallas toro, Cigar Aficionado’s Best Cigar of 2012, the Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary blend, and the amazing Oliva Serie V.

Check out this month’s Sampler of the Month, you won’t be disappointed!

Find the Cigar Sampler of the Month for September, 2013 here…

The Frugal Cigar Aficionado – A Guide to Premium Cigar Selection and Enjoyment – Part Four

In the fourth installment of The Frugal Gourmet, Managing Editor Marty Klausmeier explains the important roles of a premium cigar’s binder leaf and introduces us to the process binder leaves go through on their way to being used in a handmade, premium cigar.  Read the article here….

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New!  The Yellow Cello:  Aged Cigar Reviews: Punch London Club (EMS)

In the new installment of the Yellow Cello, Editor, Marty Klausmeier shares the story behind his love for the Punch London Club and tells why this particular cigar will always have a place in his humidor.
Read The Yellow Cello: Punch London Club (EMS) here….

Cigar Aficionado’s Best 25 Cigars of 2012 – Seven favorite selections from this year’s list

Each year, Cigar Aficionado produces a list the Best Cigars of the Year.  This year’s list features 21 Non-cuban, premium cigars and only 4 Cuban brands.  With so many amazing cigars to pick from, where does one start? Editor, Martin Klausmeier, offers seven suggestions from this year’s CA Best 25 Cigars of the Year.  Read the article here…

New Premium Cigar Review Worksheet format available now!

If you like to keep notes about the premium cigars you smoke we now have available for download a fully editable .PDF version of the Premium Cigar Review Worksheet.  Using Acrobat, you can enter data into the fields of this new format and then save each set of notes to your computer!  This, and other versions of the Premium Cigar Review Worksheet can be found on the Cigar School page.  Enjoy!


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